Pink City : Doors and Windows (Part 1)

During a walk through the historic walled city of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), also known as the Pink City, I stumbled upon a beautiful, old wooden door and my immediate reaction was to photograph it. On subsequent walks, a lookout was kept for any interesting doors and also windows along the way and quite a few of them were photographed, between 2006 and 2007. Here are some of the images taken from the perspective of appreciating these works of art (as I saw them), with each door or window seemingly telling its own beautiful tale. These photographs are not for sale.

A large, old, locked wooden shop door half-covered in green paint

Closeup of a pinkish and bluish locked wooden door with beautiful metal strips with large iron nails on them

An old locked wooden house door with a broken piece of wood from it and some stones placed below to prevent entry

A small, square ventilator with iron grille on an old wall with peeling paint, torn posters and faded hindi typography

A locked and heavily textured old, grey wooden door on an old wall with a large stone kept in front of it

Closeup of an old wooden door with locks, metal strips and nails visible

A closed wooden window with left and right panes painted in different, blue and crown colours, on an old wall with paint of multiple colours peeling off

Closeup of a locked, black metal door full of vertical white paint marks

A small, arched, hollow ventilator on an old wall with exposed stones

Closeup of a locked metal door, with blue paint and stuck papers peeling offs

An old, green and brown, closed metal door with a large patch of white paint on it, adjacent to an old wall

A square ventilator with iron grille, on an old, whitish wall with some torn posters and large, layered painted letters in hindi

  1. mani said:

    There is this unique connection with past in these works; and the patina of time makes me want to touch these doors and windows, maybe to feel the times that have flowed past.

  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for such a wonderful comment!

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