Shades of Eventide (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the series of photographs Shades of Eventide (Part 1), which were casually taken during evening walks in a Jaipur park in 2009.

Bands of yellow clouds over a blue sky at twilight and below them, bright yellow colour of the setting sun and park tree tops in silhouette

Artistic photograph of intricate silhouettes of trees in a park and behind them sky blue and pale red colours of the evening sky

Silhouette of Eurasian Collared-Doves sitting on overhead wires with pink, blue and white colored clouds in the background, in a Jaipur park

The sun setting amongst trees, below a yellow sky with specs of clouds, as seen through the pattern of a park fence

Brush stroke like clouds over an orangish sky at twilight and below them silhouettes of trees, as seen from a Jaipur, Rajasthan park

Artistic photograph of the moon on a blue sky, as seen through the complex silhouette of a tree from a park in Jaipur, India

Silhouette of an Indian Palm Squirrel resting on a park fence with the sky and clouds in the background adorning pale blue and orange colours of twilight

Silhouette of a large tree sparsely covered with leaves and behind it, the sun about to set under a clear, yellow summer sky

Close-up photograph of a flower and leaves in shade and in the background sky blue and orange colours of the sky at sunset and diffused park trees in silhouette

Intricate silhouette of sketch-like bushes and a park fence over a clear blue sky background

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