Shades of Eventide (Part 3)

Some more photographs from the series Shades of Eventide, which were casually taken during evening walks in a Jaipur park in 2009. These images were shot with a variety of compact cameras and are available as affordable prints on archival paper.

Specks of grey clouds on a yellow and purple twilight sky and below them, silhouettes of trees

A full moon, as seen through the iron grille boundary wall of a park, at dusk

Silhouette of a plant against a reddish-blue sky with a few grey clouds at dusk and in the distance, a glowing street light

Silhouette of a creeper on a fence in a Jaipur park against the backdrop of an orange-blue twilight sky

A glowing street light, as seen through the framing of a tree, at dusk in a Jaipur, Rajasthan park

The sky filled with horizontal layers of white clouds and behind then, the glow of the sun setting just above some tree tops

Silhouettes of tree leaves as seen through a park fence, at dusk

Silhouette of Small Green Bee-eaters on a tree and behind them, the moon, on a clear blue sky

Silhouettes of two thin, tall trees and two smaller trees in the distance as seen through the framing of more trees and behind them the sun setting below a blue sky with thin layers of clouds on it

Artistic photograph of the moon as seen through a gap in the silhouette of a leafy tree, at dusk.

  1. deepali said:

    Amazing photographs Mayank! Glad I could see them.

  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your kind comment, Deepali 🙂

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