Getting Serious with Digital

After dabbling with a basic point-and-shoot digicam and enjoying the experience (see the previous post Digital Curiosity), in 2006, I felt the need to shoot with a more advanced or serious digital camera, particularly one with manual (PSAM) modes. After a brief but exciting search, Canon PowerShot A95, which, during those days, was a highly regarded compact digital camera, was zeroed-in on. Went for it and started shooting with it as soon as it arrived. Thoroughly enjoyed using it and as luck would have it, we travelled quite a bit around Rajasthan in subsequent months and the camera went on all the trips too 🙂 My tryst with the A95 lasted for only 4 months after which I bought a Digital SLR. The following are some of the better photographs taken in those 4 months (from August to November 2006), hope you will like them! They are available as affordable prints on archival paper, print sizes: 16×12 inches or 12×12 inches.

Long exposure photograph of Statue Circle, Jaipur

Statue Circle, Jaipur, at dusk (long exposure)

Landscape photograph Birders at dusk, from Taal Chapar

Birders at dusk, at Taal Chapar wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan

Undershrub Aerva Persica

Undershrub Aerva Persica at Smriti Van, Jaipur

The Ripple, beautiful photograph of a wetland

‘The Ripple’, at Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur

Sculpturesque trees

Sculpturesque trees at Tal Chapar wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan

Landscape shot taken at Harsh parwat, Rajasthan

Vegetation and the land beyond, as seen from Harsh, Rajasthan

Wild grasses in afternoon light

Wild grasses in afternoon light, at Smriti Van, Jaipur

Salt lake textures

Salt lake, an impression. Near Sambhar lake, Rajasthan

Lady of the lake

‘Lady of the lake’, on a cold evening in New Delhi

Photograph of flowering Kair or Capparis decidua shrub

Flowering ‘Kair’ shrub at Taal Chapar wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan

Colours of twilight, a landscape photograph

Colours of twilight, at Taal Chapar wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan

Indian Skimmers at Chambal river

Indian Skimmers at Chambal river, Uttar Pradesh

Silhouette of a Peahen at dusk

Peahen at dusk, at Smriti Van, Jaipur

Sunset with trees

A sunset shared with trees, in the countryside around Jaipur


‘Duet’, at a New Delhi lake on a cold winter evening

Blackbucks on grassland

Grassland and Blackbucks at Tal Chapar wildlife sanctuary, Rajasthan

The sun setting over Jaipur

The sun setting over Jaipur, as seen from Smriti Van

  1. Rekha Verma said:

    Beautiful pictures, Mayank

  2. Mayank said:

    Thank you, Rekha Verma 🙂

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