Instagram Dabblings

Instagram was installed on my budget mobile handset, a Nokia Lumia 520, as soon as it became available on Windows App Store. Was eager to try this popular photography tool and indulged in it for a few weeks. Loved the square image format and the spontaneity associated with it — of capturing images quickly and casually (since a mobile phone is frequently carried in a pocket), applying filters (like quick fix post-processing), seeing the final result on screen soon after and the ability to share images on social media instantly (without having to first download them on a computer).

However, while using the app, missed the (old-fashioned, if I may say) handling, control and image quality of a physical camera and ended up switching (back) to a pocket, carry-everywhere point-and-shoot digital camera for casual photography. Shall perhaps return to Instagram in the future; for now, am pleased to share some images taken in the short period of using the app.

Reflection of a tree on the windscreen of a parked cab with a bit of the cab's yellow roof on top showing

Reflections on the windscreen of a parked cab in New Delhi

Closeup of a beige coloured painted metal door with a door handle, a latch, rusted metal and small leaves stuck on it showing

Door detail, in Jaipur

A stem with sharp green leaves lying on a park walking track with shoe sole prints underneath

Fallen stem and leaves on jogging track, in a Jaipur park

Abstract mobile phone photo from a moving train, of passing green trees, falling raindrops, and reflections of opposite train windows and cabin lights on the window glass

Raindrops, trees outside and reflections on the window of a moving train

Trees, grasses, their reflection and textures of floating algae on a lake

Monochrome landscape, at Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, India

Closeup of many scratches and brown and burgundy colour rust-like marks on a textured white wall

Scratches on a wall, in Jaipur

Sunlight and shadows of a tree above falling on bluish, textured tiles on the ground below

Tree shadows on floor, in Jaipur

The sun shining through trees and below them a path leading to an old tomb in the distance

Late afternoon walk in Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

Round, brown coloured marks of tea glasses on textured wood and visible on the top right: the bottom part of am empty tea glass

Stains, at a tea shop in Jaipur

Intricate tree branches coming into the frame from top right, on a bluish-yellowish, hazy background

Reflections on the foggy windscreen of a car at a New Delhi parking lot

Abstract photo of rain clouds above, green vegetation in motion below and reflection of interiors of the bogey on the window glass

Monsoon clouds and lush green fields, as seen from a moving train

Closeup of funny-looking water and droplets left on a scratched wooden table, with vignette effect on the sides

Animated water mark on a table, left by a glass of cold water

  1. Neer said:

    Awesome work Mayank! Just proves that you can make everyday experience special, and extraordinary…. Whatever the medium you choose, it’s your vision that comes across, sensitive, compassionate:)

  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your kind comment, Neer 🙂

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