Instagram Dabblings

Instagram app was installed on my budget mobile handset, a Nokia Lumia 520, as soon as it became available on Windows App Store. Was eager to try the popular app and dabbled with it for a few weeks. Loved the square image format, liked the spontaneity associated with it, of capturing photographs quickly and casually (since a mobile phone is frequently carried in a pocket), applying filters (something like quick fix post-processing), seeing the final result soon after and the ability to share images on social media (without first having to download them on a computer). However, while using the app, missed the (old-fashioned, if I may say) handling, control and image quality of a physical camera and ended up switching (back) to a pocket, carry-everywhere point-and-shoot camera for casual photography. Perhaps I will go back to Instagram, but for now, am pleased to share some images taken in the short period in which the app was used. Thank you for looking!

Instagram Dabblings 01

Reflections on the windscreen of a parked cab in New Delhi

Instagram Dabblings 02

Door detail, in Jaipur

Instagram Dabblings 03

Fallen stem with leaves, in a Jaipur park

Instagram Dabblings 04

Raindrops, trees outside and reflections on the window of a moving train

Instagram Dabblings 05

Monochrome landscape, at Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, India

Instagram Dabblings 06

Scratches on a wall, in Jaipur

Instagram Dabblings 07

Tree shadows on floor, in Jaipur

Instagram Dabblings 08

Late afternoon walk in Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

Instagram Dabblings 09

Stains, at a tea shop in Jaipur

Instagram Dabblings 10

Reflections on the foggy windscreen of a car at a New Delhi parking lot

Instagram Dabblings 11

Monsoon clouds and lush green fields, as seen from a moving train

Instagram Dabblings 12

Water mark on a table, left by a glass of cold water