Out of the Ordinary

This is a continuation of the series Out of the Ordinary, featuring black-and-white photographs of ordinary or mundane sights in and around the city of Jaipur, India, taken between 2006 and 2010. These images are available as affordable limited edition prints on archival paper (Edition: 24). Print sizes: 20×15 or 16×12 inches.

Silhouette of Langurs – male, female and baby – sitting symmetrically on a rooftop railing

Langur family on a Kishanpole Bazaar rooftop, at dusk

Artistic photograph of silhouette of about 2 dozen House Sparrows on a large, flower-shaped bush, in front of rising fountain water

Sparrow fountain! (near Choti Chaupar in the walled city)

Black and white photograph of a pair of pigeons in an arched ventilator, on an old, textured stone wall

Pigeons in their cosy home, in an alley near Hawa Mahal

A composition of intricate silhouettes of thin-leaved trees and a fence

Evening silhouettes at Central Park

Kites – whole and torn – stuck on curvy leafless tree branches

Kites stuck on a leafless tree in the walled city

Silhouette of many pigeons roosting on wires around a roof top mobile phone tower base

Pigeons on a rooftop at Prithviraj Road, in the evening

Artistic, black and white photograph of roots clinging to electrical pipes on an old wall with exposed stones and heavy texture

Roots on an old wall in a narrow Pink City lane

Low angle photograph of a group of parked, empty cycle rickshaws used for ferrying goods

Parked cycle rickshaws at Aatish Market

Abstract image of many wires criss-crossing adjacent to buildings on the sides and in front of ramparts of Nahargarh fort

Cross-crossing above a street leading to Nahargarh fort

A white cot resting in the shade, against an old, heavily textured wall

Cot against an old wall near Kalki Temple

An old electricity pole covered with vines and creepers

An unused but used electricity pole in Bapu Nagar

Urban landscape photograph of many kites in the air above city dwellings, on a misty, overcast day

Kite-filled sky on a cold and misty Makar Sankranti day (January 14)

Silhouette of a langur family – male, female and child – sitting on top of a step-like steep wall

Langur family in the walled city, at dusk

The sun, in-between the skeletal silhouette of a rooftop billboard, adjacent to an electricity pole

The setting sun, as seen through the frame of a billboard near Chomu House circle

Three types of walls from the historic Pink City, together in an angular, geometrical composition

Walls, old and new, at Bapu Bazaar

Selected black and white photographs taken in and around the historic city of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), focussing largely on day-to-day, mundane subjects or ordinary sights. These photographs were initially showcased on a photo blog and later displayed at the exhibition Out of the Ordinary, held at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, in March 2008 (see Shows page for details and show brochure). This series consists of 24 black and white images, available as affordable limited edition prints on archival paper (Edition: 24). Print sizes: 20×15 or 16×12 inches, 15×15 or 12×12 inches.

Pigeons roosting on overhead wires in a dark, narrow lane with old buildings on both sides

Pigeons roosting for the night at Ram Lala-ji Ka Rasta

Closeup of an old, textured wooden door with metal handles, locks and words painted in hindi

Locks on an old wooden door in the walled city

Wooden stools lying one on top of another over a gunny sack

Wooden stools lying outside a shop in Aatish Market

An electricity pole loaded with wires, a tube-light and some bulbs too

Profusion of wires on a pole near Johri Bazaar

Landscape photograph of Amer town, Jaipur, with some temples in the foreground and ramparts on hills in the background

Amer town, in afternoon light

Kids playing in a street with shops on both sides and a hill in front with Nahargarh fort on top

Children playing on a street leading to Nahargarh Fort

Looking up at the freshly painted and decorated Ajmeri gate, with a kite stuck and pigeons sitting on wires above

Ajmeri Gate, pigeons and a kite

Silhouette of a large number of Rosy Starlings resting on top of thin-leaved trees

Rosy Starlings at Central Park one evening

Looking down from a hill towards two electricity poles in perspective, and lots of dwellings in the city below them

Electricity poles against a backdrop of city dwellings

Jal Mahal or water palace and its reflection in the still lake below, faintly visible through a haze

Jal Mahal on a misty morning

Silhouette of pigeons sitting on street lights incorporating traditional architecture, at dusk

Pigeons on street lights at Johri Bazaar

Parked two wheelers in perspective with shops on both sides and a street with moving traffic behind

Parked two-wheelers and a somewhat vacant road on a hot June afternoon, at Bapu Bazaar

Makeshift stove made with street tiles, partly burnt and supported by stones on the sides

Makeshift stove assembled with pavement tiles, near Rambagh crossing

Complex combination of an electricity pole, overhead wires, a street lamp, a kite and a leafless tree

A walled city melange!

Many leafless trees with intricate branches against the sky

Leafless Dhok trees in silhouette near Nahargarh Fort

Silhouette of two children on the roof of a building flying a kite, with electricity wires criss-crossing above

Children flying kites at dusk in the walled city