Pink City : Doors and Windows

This is a continuation of the series of photographs Pink City : Doors and Windows (Part 1), an appreciation of some old doors and windows from the historic walled city of Jaipur, India, with each door or window seemingly narrating its own beautiful story. These photos are not for sale.

a large, closed, brown wooden shop door with many horizontal metal supports, left door a bit lower than the right one

A locked and closed, heavily textured old wooden door with lots of metal nails and some leftover green paint towards the top part

a vertical ventilator cemented on an old wall with old brick-work and yellow paint around it

A locked old wooden door painted in teal colour, with a wooden plank placed in front and covering its lower half

A small, hollow, arched ventilator on an old wall with paint chipping heavily and hints of traditional decorative elements on top

A large, old, locked shop wooden door in the Pink City of Jaipur, dark green coloured, half in light and half in shade

A closed window shielded by an iron grille with peeling paint around and a blue scooter parked in front partly visible

A small, closed wooden window with three ventilators of different shapes on top, on a heavily textured old wall

Closeup of an old, blue door with many ripped pieces of paper stuck on it

A closed, old wooden house door with two locks on it and fading blue paint

A ventilator on an old, cracked wall with some wires on top

Close up of a locked metal door with some half-peeled posters stuck on it

During a walk through the historic walled city of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), also known as the Pink City, I stumbled upon a beautiful, old wooden door and my immediate reaction was to photograph it. On subsequent walks, a lookout was kept for any interesting doors and also windows along the way and quite a few of them were photographed, between 2006 and 2007. Here are some of the images taken from the perspective of appreciating these works of art (as I saw them), with each door or window seemingly telling its own beautiful tale. These photographs are not for sale.

A large, old, locked wooden shop door half-covered in green paint

Closeup of a pinkish and bluish locked wooden door with beautiful metal strips with large iron nails on them

An old locked wooden house door with a broken piece of wood from it and some stones placed below to prevent entry

A small, square ventilator with iron grille on an old wall with peeling paint, torn posters and faded hindi typography

A locked and heavily textured old, grey wooden door on an old wall with a large stone kept in front of it

Closeup of an old wooden door with locks, metal strips and nails visible

A closed wooden window with left and right panes painted in different, blue and crown colours, on an old wall with paint of multiple colours peeling off

Closeup of a locked, black metal door full of vertical white paint marks

A small, arched, hollow ventilator on an old wall with exposed stones

Closeup of a locked metal door, with blue paint and stuck papers peeling offs

An old, green and brown, closed metal door with a large patch of white paint on it, adjacent to an old wall

A square ventilator with iron grille, on an old, whitish wall with some torn posters and large, layered painted letters in hindi