Shades of Eventide

This series of photographs was taken casually over a period of many weeks in 2009, during evening walks in a Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) park. They try to capture the beauty or the poetry of the time of twilight, and include a mix of subjects like birds, clouds, colours in the sky, trees, creepers, fences, the sun, the moon, silhouettes, etc. These images were taken with compact cameras carried in a waist pouch and are available as affordable prints on archival paper.

A square frame showing the silhouette of a thin, leafless tree and behind it bright orange coloured clouds lit up by the setting sun

Landscape photograph of faint pink and orange clouds over a dark blue sky, and below them, silhouettes of distant trees, at dusk

Silhouette of a large, leafy tree and below it the setting sun partly covered by clouds against the backdrop of an orange sky

Intricate silhouette of a deciduous tree and behind it orange, yellow and grey rain clouds at twilight

Silhouette of two doves sitting on a partly barren tree across a park fence and in the background: specks of grey clouds over a dull sky at dusk

Artistic silhouette of a thin creeper on a park fence and the moon right above it over an orange-purple sky, at dusk

Silhouettes of leafless deciduous trees against the backdrop of a clear blue and yellow summer sky at sunset, as seen from a Jaipur park

Photograph of the moon and below it silhouette of a tree against the backdrop of a deep blue and orange sky at dusk

Abstract silhouette of a complex, leafless vine on a Jaipur park fence against the backdrop of a purple and orange sky at dusk

Artistic silhouette of a Eurasian Collared-Dove sitting on a leafless tree and the moon above it, against a blue evening sky