Stuck in Rain (With a Camera)

A 15 minute grocery shopping session at a shopping mall in New Delhi (India) turned into a three hour long wait owing to a sudden, heavy downpour. It rained very hard and continuously that evening (on July 27, 2009) and after some forced window shopping and a coffee, I got attracted to the sight of rainwater flowing down on some large glass windows of the mall. Fortunately, I happened to be carrying a compact camera and started shooting. The next couple of hours passed easily that night, thanks to an enjoyable photo session!

Water drops on a door glass in the foreground and blurred railing of the mall and building in the background.

Back-lit rainwater falling on glass and hanging lights of the mall in the foreground.

Warm yellow light falling on rainwater moving on the floor.

Abstract photograph of back-lit water falling and shadows of plants superimposed on the surface of glass.

Rain falling on chairs in a balcony with buildings, lights and reflections on glass in the background.

Abstract image of reflections of ceiling lights and people on wet floor tiles, at night.

Reflections of mall exterior, interior, lights and blurred water droplets on door glass.

Back-lit rainwater falling on large glass windows and hanging lights in the foreground.

Reflections of colourful mall lights on wet floor tiles at night.

Reflections of colorful mall lights and building exterior on wet floor tiles.

Abstract, vertical composition of back-lit rainwater falling and reflection of shops and people below on large window glass, and lights hanging in the front.