Unfocussed in the Park

The dusk mood in a Jaipur park where I went for regular winter evening walks fascinated me and I thought of capturing it with the compact camera that was carried in a waist pouch. Owing to low available light, some of the initial attempts were unsuccessful as most photographs came out shaky due to slow shutter speed. It then occurred to me that detail was not important in capturing the mood so the photographs were taken using the camera’s manual focus mode, deliberately out-of-focus or ‘unfocussed’. With blurred photographs, camera shake ceased to be an issue and loss of detail seemed to enhanced the mood! These images were taken in 2010 and are available as affordable prints on archival paper.

A lit-up park light and behind it, a leafy tree, at dusk

Blurred distant street lights and the moon at night, as seen through a framing of tree branches

The moon in a clear evening sky and below it, colours of the setting sun and tree silhouettes

Distant, blurred lights of the city as seen from a park at dusk

Silhouettes of trees, the moon and street lights, as seen through a park at dusk

Silhouettes of trees, colours of the evening sky and far away street lights, as seen from a Jaipur park at dusk

Lit-up park lights alongside a walking path and tree silhouettes above, in a Jaipur park at dusk

Street lights, park lights, tree silhouettes and a walker in a Jaipur park, at dusk

Lit-up park light, a tree and a couple on the walking trail in a Jaipur park at night

Silhouettes of trees, colours of lawns and the evening sky in a Jaipur, India park at dusk

Silhouettes of trees, blue evening sky and the setting sun, as seen from a Jaipur park

Silhouettes of trees against the evening sky, as seen from a Jaipur, Rajasthan park at dusk