A 15 minute grocery shopping session at a shopping mall in New Delhi (India) turned into a three hour long wait owing to a sudden, heavy downpour. It rained very hard and continuously that evening (on July 27, 2009) and after some forced window shopping and a coffee, I got attracted to the sight of rainwater flowing down on some large glass windows of the mall. Fortunately, I happened to be carrying a compact camera and started shooting. The next couple of hours passed easily that night, thanks to an enjoyable photo session!

Water drops on a door glass in the foreground and blurred railing of the mall and building in the background.

Back-lit rainwater falling on glass and hanging lights of the mall in the foreground.

Warm yellow light falling on rainwater moving on the floor.

Abstract photograph of back-lit water falling and shadows of plants superimposed on the surface of glass.

Rain falling on chairs in a balcony with buildings, lights and reflections on glass in the background.

Abstract image of reflections of ceiling lights and people on wet floor tiles, at night.

Reflections of mall exterior, interior, lights and blurred water droplets on door glass.

Back-lit rainwater falling on large glass windows and hanging lights in the foreground.

Reflections of colourful mall lights on wet floor tiles at night.

Reflections of colorful mall lights and building exterior on wet floor tiles.

Abstract, vertical composition of back-lit rainwater falling and reflection of shops and people below on large window glass, and lights hanging in the front.


This series of photographs was taken casually over a period of many weeks in 2009, during evening walks in a Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) park. They try to capture the beauty or the poetry of the time of twilight, and include a mix of subjects like birds, clouds, colours in the sky, trees, creepers, fences, the sun, the moon, silhouettes, etc. These images were taken with compact cameras carried in a waist pouch and are available as affordable prints on archival paper.

A square frame showing the silhouette of a thin, leafless tree and behind it bright orange coloured clouds lit up by the setting sun

Landscape photograph of faint pink and orange clouds over a dark blue sky, and below them, silhouettes of distant trees, at dusk

Silhouette of a large, leafy tree and below it the setting sun partly covered by clouds against the backdrop of an orange sky

Intricate silhouette of a deciduous tree and behind it orange, yellow and grey rain clouds at twilight

Silhouette of two doves sitting on a partly barren tree across a park fence and in the background: specks of grey clouds over a dull sky at dusk

Artistic silhouette of a thin creeper on a park fence and the moon right above it over an orange-purple sky, at dusk

Silhouettes of leafless deciduous trees against the backdrop of a clear blue and yellow summer sky at sunset, as seen from a Jaipur park

Photograph of the moon and below it silhouette of a tree against the backdrop of a deep blue and orange sky at dusk

Abstract silhouette of a complex, leafless vine on a Jaipur park fence against the backdrop of a purple and orange sky at dusk

Artistic silhouette of a Eurasian Collared-Dove sitting on a leafless tree and the moon above it, against a blue evening sky

During a walk through the historic walled city of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), also known as the Pink City, I stumbled upon a beautiful, old wooden door and my immediate reaction was to photograph it. On subsequent walks, a lookout was kept for any interesting doors and also windows along the way and quite a few of them were photographed, between 2006 and 2007. Here are some of the images taken from the perspective of appreciating these works of art (as I saw them), with each door or window seemingly telling its own beautiful tale. These photographs are not for sale.

A large, old, locked wooden shop door half-covered in green paint

Closeup of a pinkish and bluish locked wooden door with beautiful metal strips with large iron nails on them

An old locked wooden house door with a broken piece of wood from it and some stones placed below to prevent entry

A small, square ventilator with iron grille on an old wall with peeling paint, torn posters and faded hindi typography

A locked and heavily textured old, grey wooden door on an old wall with a large stone kept in front of it

Closeup of an old wooden door with locks, metal strips and nails visible

A closed wooden window with left and right panes painted in different, blue and crown colours, on an old wall with paint of multiple colours peeling off

Closeup of a locked, black metal door full of vertical white paint marks

A small, arched, hollow ventilator on an old wall with exposed stones

Closeup of a locked metal door, with blue paint and stuck papers peeling offs

An old, green and brown, closed metal door with a large patch of white paint on it, adjacent to an old wall

A square ventilator with iron grille, on an old, whitish wall with some torn posters and large, layered painted letters in hindi

A speck of sunlight coming in through the window caught my attention on a cold winter morning and intrigued me by its shape. The next few hours and the next morning were spent exploring the shapes and patterns that morning light coming in through windows made at different places in and around the living room, and photographing them. The thought of photographing ‘light’ seemed to be a very simple or basic idea so to keep the whole exercise simple, a pocket digital compact camera was used for the shoot. Colour wasn’t playing a significant part in the images so they were converted to black and white during post-processing.

This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable photo shoots I’ve indulged in and one I could do in my pajamas! The name of the series was inspired by lyrics of the song Love Itself by Leonard Cohen. These photographs are available as affordable prints on archival paper.

Streaks of sunlight falling at different levels on a folded curtain

Top view of sunlight from a window falling on stairs

Angular streaks of light from a window falling on a striped table cloth

Patches of morning light falling on a bathroom tile

Light streaks and shade from a window falling on scratched floor

Abstract image of patches of morning light falling on bathroom tiles

Soft morning sunlight from a window falling on a bed and highlighting the floral design of the bedcover

Abstract photograph of blocks of sunlight from a window falling on a balcony wall

Thin streak of morning light falling on a dark carpet and continuing on textured floor tiles

Sunlight from a window falling on textured floor tiles and a wall

Close-up of light coming in from a meshed window falling on a room curtain

Close-up of a streak of sunlight falling on the floor, right beside the leg of a cane chair

Selected black and white photographs taken in and around the historic city of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), focussing largely on day-to-day, mundane subjects or ordinary sights. These photographs were initially showcased on a photo blog and later displayed at the exhibition Out of the Ordinary, held at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, in March 2008 (see Shows page for details and show brochure). This series consists of 24 black and white images, available as affordable limited edition prints on archival paper (Edition: 24). Print sizes: 20×15 or 16×12 inches, 15×15 or 12×12 inches.

Pigeons roosting on overhead wires in a dark, narrow lane with old buildings on both sides

Pigeons roosting for the night at Ram Lala-ji Ka Rasta

Closeup of an old, textured wooden door with metal handles, locks and words painted in hindi

Locks on an old wooden door in the walled city

Wooden stools lying one on top of another over a gunny sack

Wooden stools lying outside a shop in Aatish Market

An electricity pole loaded with wires, a tube-light and some bulbs too

Profusion of wires on a pole near Johri Bazaar

Landscape photograph of Amer town, Jaipur, with some temples in the foreground and ramparts on hills in the background

Amer town, in afternoon light

Kids playing in a street with shops on both sides and a hill in front with Nahargarh fort on top

Children playing on a street leading to Nahargarh Fort

Looking up at the freshly painted and decorated Ajmeri gate, with a kite stuck and pigeons sitting on wires above

Ajmeri Gate, pigeons and a kite

Silhouette of a large number of Rosy Starlings resting on top of thin-leaved trees

Rosy Starlings at Central Park one evening

Looking down from a hill towards two electricity poles in perspective, and lots of dwellings in the city below them

Electricity poles against a backdrop of city dwellings

Jal Mahal or water palace and its reflection in the still lake below, faintly visible through a haze

Jal Mahal on a misty morning

Silhouette of pigeons sitting on street lights incorporating traditional architecture, at dusk

Pigeons on street lights at Johri Bazaar

Parked two wheelers in perspective with shops on both sides and a street with moving traffic behind

Parked two-wheelers and a somewhat vacant road on a hot June afternoon, at Bapu Bazaar

Makeshift stove made with street tiles, partly burnt and supported by stones on the sides

Makeshift stove assembled with pavement tiles, near Rambagh crossing

Complex combination of an electricity pole, overhead wires, a street lamp, a kite and a leafless tree

A walled city melange!

Many leafless trees with intricate branches against the sky

Leafless Dhok trees in silhouette near Nahargarh Fort

Silhouette of two children on the roof of a building flying a kite, with electricity wires criss-crossing above

Children flying kites at dusk in the walled city